An In-Depth GM Performance Parts Electric Impact Wrench Review

In all likelihood, you’ve probably never have heard of GM Performance Parts. This might initially make you weary of the company and their products, but it shouldn’t. The company might fly under the radar, but they deliver a big performance from each of their products, including the GM2813 Electric Impact Wrench. Despite the affordability, compact size and lightweight, this wrench is power and capable of serving the consumer for a lengthy number of years. Is it the best impact wrench for you? Continue reading to find out.

Size And Weight

If you’re going to be working above your head or for a significant period of time, you’ll want to pay close attention to the tool’s weight and size. If the tool is too heavy, it’ll leave your arms shaking and trembling, which will make your work tremendously more difficult than it needs to be. The good news is that the GM Performance Parts GM2813 is compact and lightweight. It measures in at 12.2 by 10.5 by 4.3, so it can be carried around easily. At just 8.2 pounds, the tool is light enough to be utilized above your head for a moderate amount of time, without becoming a burden.

Power And Performance

Another thing to take into consideration is the unit’s power and performance. This ½ inch drive impact wrench utilizes 120-volts of power. The need for an electric outlet might be a concern, but this provides the tool with additional power. It can deliver a maximum torque of 240 foot pounds and operates as 2,100 RPM maximum with no load. Finally, this tool offers 2,700 impacts each minute. For most individuals, the combination will be more than sufficient and will definitely solve the problem at hand.


Although this impact wrench might be affordable, it is surprisingly durable. It features a metal gear housing, which helps to protect the internal components. The 100% ball bearing construction is also excellent and will extend the tool’s lifespan just a smidgen longer. Suffice to say, you can rest assured knowing this best impact wrench will be able to take a beating, without malfunctioning prematurely.


Weighs just 8.2 pounds, which keeps user fatigue to a minimum
120-volts of powerful delivers a big performance
240 foot pounds, and a maximum of 2,100 RPM
Very durable and can survive more than a few drops or bumps
Rocker switch gives easy access to forward/reverse configurations
Great choice for those that have no compressor
Very affordable


Electric power might be an inconvenience for some
Gets a little hot during use

Overall Assessment

When it comes down to it, GM Performance Parts GM2813 Impact Wrench is great for many situations, especially those when you do not have access to a compressor. Despite a few minor cons here and there, the tool will last and it’ll provide you with a satisfactory performance each time you put it to use. Don’t allow the fear of the unknown to hold you back, because the GM2813 is a solid impact wrench. Just remember that it does require an electric outlet, so it might not be ideal for all scenarios.

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